Saturday, October 20, 2007

Writing for

Here's an a tongue-in-cheek article I did and submitted to

I was browsing the internet for some available writing assignments when I was led to I was about to browse somewhere else because apparently, this site is for women. But one topic for job submission caught my attention: Working at Home. It caught my interest, I just embarked on a career that would tie me in my chair at home: writing.

I want to write about working at home. (see Working at Home) But would Alldivamedia accept me? Would they accept male writers/bloggers? Maybe they would. I don’t have to be a woman to feel, think, and write about the profound things that women may find interesting. After all, (tongue in cheek) most feminists’ causes are actually about their struggle for equal work opportunity. Would they discriminate me then by virtue of my sex? Maybe they would, maybe they won’t.

Won’t they be interested on what goes on inside the male specie’s mind if he finds himself in the shoes of a woman, who works as a writer and, as a consequence, assumes the role of a househusband?

Maybe they would.

- note: this was one week ago and i didn't get any response from them. Question answered.

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