Saturday, October 20, 2007

My first week as a writer (at last!)

It's been two weeks since i last posted here. You see, i've been busy.

The last thing i remembered doing immediately after my last blog was to send my application documents to several "writers needed" posted on the internet. An example is "Writing for" Three days after that, I received responses from three "affiliates" stating their interest in having me as a writer.

After a brief exchange of queries and answers, one immediately sent me 2 research writing projects, another sent me 10! Another was requiring me to work full time to come up with an average of 15-20 articles per day...15-20 articles per day!

I could just not describe the feeling, except: "Wow!"

So, I started writing. Professionally. "Wow!"

What transpired afterwards was like a whirlwind of sorts. It was almost a drowning experience. Have you had a beautiful dream, except that it's bordering on becoming a nightmare? You see, I have been living the relaxed life of a retiree (see Working at Home). And now...the volume of work, and the deadlines...

It's not the writing experience that I expected. It was more than that. It's an entirely another level of writing. Within the first week, I have to give up the research writing job, and declined the full-time 15-20 articles per day (after two days of non-stop writing, i decided i have to be superhuman to do that--but others can!?!). I decided to just focus on one affiliate who seems nice and helpful, especially for a beginner like me. (Boss, if you're reading this....)

Now, it's my 8th day as a real-life, flesh-and-blood, true-blue website content writer. And I've written and submitted 40 articles to my (nice) boss. This does not include the research works i submitted to another outfit before i called it quits. Not bad for a start, huh.

After what seemed like an eternity of pounding on the keyboard, 3-hour sleep per day (and it's not all "writing time"--those sleepless episodes are mostly spent on being stressed-out and forcing myself to write) this is the first time i am enjoying a day-off, and I am celebrating this 8th day by coming back here to update. (See, i posted thre new ones already)

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