Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is the nth time i opened this page and i have always ended up staring at the blinking cursor, before now. It's not because I have nothing to write about, I'm just having cold feet. You see, i intend to write for money and maybe I'm just afraid that what comes out of whatever i'm going to write here would turn out disappointing.
OK, I thing I am rationalizing. Well, since rationalization seems to be giving me a handle at this, I'll continue: You see, I'm treading in new waters here, and I'm feeling so self-conscious (and maybe feeling a tad insecure!) In my previous job, I write a lot: memos, promotional concepts, proposal letters, office policies/work protocols, etc. This writing exercise as part of my day to day corporate grind is entirely different from this writing thing on the internet. When I write, I only have one aim: to influence the recipient to get what I want; to get my superior's/client's approval on a proposal, or to get my staff to support and act on a plan or objective.
I know writing for the internet, or any other medium, spells exactly the same objective: to influence the audience. However, a poorly written inter-office memo does not disappoint the reader. He might say you're a poor writer but this would not stop him from reading your next office correspondence. Your boss would also approve or disapprove a proposal based on its merits, regardless of how it was written. But writing for the internet? Someone would say, "leave writing to the writers!"
This is my first hurdle. I hope the second one would start to show some meat.

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