Sunday, October 28, 2007

When I Start Writing on a Project

Whenever i embark on a new project, i never start with a blank page. I always do research first from as many websites as i can. I copy and paste articles (including the URLs) in my word processor's page and when I think i have researched enough, i close all firefox windows.

Then I start reading.

Reading may take from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the volume of the information i copied, and depending on available materials. As opposed to reading to find ideas or concepts I can use for an assignment, I forget the reason why I'm doing it. I just enjoy and digest. I feel good when I come accross information that are familiar, and i nod approvingly at new ones. One thing about reading is you sometimes tend to deviate from your original purpose, (gathering more information while refreshing old ones to arm you with your writing process) and you dwell on what you can do with some new information and discoveries. Just like right now: i am writing about this idea, when i'm supposed to be working on an assignment.

After reading the last word on the last page of my copied research materials, I go back to the first line of the top page. I enter several times to move the lines down and leave about four spaces for my own writing. This is when i hear musical fanfare in my mind that goes something like, "Tan-ta-ra-raaaan!" I rub my palms together, then I say, "Here we go!"

Then I start writing.


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whalecdo said...

Thanks, Notebooks, for dropping by. Appreciate it so much.