Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A lull in the storm

There are times when no gigs come your way. This is more of a boon than a bane for writers who limit their works on original articles only. No one could just work and craft out ten articles per day for weeks non-stop. At least for me, whose output comes out at a snail's pace.

I have a problem with my writing speed. In fact, one article could go from more than one hour, to two hours on a good day. And basing on the past two weeks where I have received job orders for an average of 30 articles that I need to submit three days after I receive them show how impossible things could get.

I am not yet through with the excitement, the adrenaline pumping, “on-edge” feeling about this whole affair. This makes my writing process doubly difficult, it gives me writer’s block. I find myself on a lot of occasions exerting more effort at getting each work done. And most of the time, when I’m supposed to be punishing the keyboard and getting things done, I just sit stressed out. If I’m not sitting in front of the computer, I go around with the pretext of getting some break (despite not being able to accomplish anything yet), in desperation of not being able to write faster.

I need a system. I need to devise, establish and follow a writing system that I would religiously follow. This system would involve a schedule, work discipline (like, don’t friggin’ stand in the middle of an article!), and standard time allotment for each article.

Now, in the middle of this two-day break (aah! Now I can fully appreciate what the word “breather” means), I can find time again to visit my favorite sites and spend endless hours of unbridled raucous laughter with the funny videos from YouTube!

I get to visit OWL at Purdue too, might as well get more tips on writing.

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